The Ever Elusive, The More Difficult To Photograph Than Bigfoot, Lochness Monster, and an UFO, The One And Only Picture of Wingsdomain Art and Photography!

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…..And now, for the first time in the long illustrious storybook history of this enigma simply known as Wingsdomain, the art world’s man amongst boys, a household name without a face, the one impossible feat that all experts including scientists and the CSI have concluded to be more unimaginably difficult than getting a useable picture of Big Foot, the Lochness Monster, or sighting of an UFO, the one most coveted photograph by Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, paparazzis of the rich and famous, and everyday snapshot soccer moms the world over, this Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King Jr all wrapped into one, this Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Monet of our times, this JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington of the art world; in baseball he would be considered a grand slam, in football a winning touchdown, and in basketball a slam dunk – a never before seen picture of this notorious godzilla of the art world has been discovered in the high rigorous Mountains of the Himalayas buried in 96 inches of freezing snow in the harshest of conditions, this one and only phenomenally priceless picture is finally upon our mortal eyes.  A snapshot taken of his second favorite obsessive passion just behind his first favorite obsessive passion of working on his art and photography, and that is fighting crime behind a simple commoner’s plastic shopping bag disguising his true identity as the one known throughout the art world simply as WingsdomainPure genius at work!  The authenticity of the picture has been confirmed in extensive lab tests and has gone through numerous carbon 14 dating, along with visual confirmations by all that has been blessed by his presence and enlighten by his art work.  This is Wingsdomain Art and Photography!


Wingsdomain Art



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